Body Catalyst

Body Catalyst

  • This program has been created for optimizing your body and mind to help you to achieve the goals that you want and deserve.
    Lose weight, increase muscle mass, boost your athletic and sexual performance and enjoy relief from chronic pain.
    It can be very complex to achieve this by yourself, because there are many different factors that influence body management: emotional eating, physical routines and social pressures. We created this program considering all those factors and then tailor it to our client’s needs. We are very proud of this program, and we can say that it consistently shows results after the first week and great achievements after the very first month, both in fat lost and muscle mass growth. If you dream of boosting your physical performance and seeing your ideal body in the mirror, let us help make that your reality.

  • This is a personalised program, built around you. In the very first session we will define what do you want and create a strategy to get it. We will consider all the different factors that can influence your body management. Typically a body catalyst program consists of between 3-5 sessions.  At the end of the program you will not only have lost fast and gained a better body, but you will have acquired an in depth knowledge of how to preserve this new you.

    The session and aftercare guarantees for
    until 28/02/2018
    usually £250.00

    What do you have to lose but the extra pounds?

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