Nottingham Hypnotherapy

Inner Circle

The ultimate program for high performers and talented persons who want to improve, develop and reach even “impossible” goals. We are fully committed to our clients and so we accept only few persons every year on this program depending on motivations, talents, skills and goals.
Be ready to own the game.


Body Catalyst

The complete path to re-designing your body without fad diets or endless hours of exercise. Results guaranteed: start to see the results after the very first week.


Emotional Management

In an increasingly frenzied and demanding world it is easy to become overwhelmed with stress that can trigger anxiety, depression and even phobias. With our unique program we will focus on the root of the problems to prevent them from returning and also learn to handle and channel those nervous energies.


Quit Smoking

Want to stop for good? Have you stopped before but relapsed? Are you worried of gaining weight or becoming stressed? We can help you quit quickly, effectively and without side effects.


Mindfullness & Empowerment

Our mindfullness program will help you to recognise your natural sense of presence and awareness . With this understanding you can act, learn and play in a way that enhances all your activities and relationships.


The Hypnotherapy Centre Guarantee

We build every programme to fit in around our clients lives and make an effort to ensure all our clients feel safe and comfortable in sessions. For this reason we offer a complete guarantee system:

  • If you don’t feel improvements after the first session you can either receive your money back or rebook a session for free.
  • Every programme is built to give you complete freedom. If you feel the need to have a booster you can rebook one session for free within 6 months of completing a programme.

OUR MissIon

The world is moving fast with frenzied rhythms, and so new solutions are needed that are faster, and better suited to modern life. Solutions that are not focused on understanding the past, but instead, aim to improve your life now.

Since it began, The Hypnotherapy Center in Nottingham has had one main goal; To give its clients the tools and solutions to allow them to live their life beyond challenges.

Our Values

We like to think that our techniques and programmes are excellent and we are dedicated to maintaining these standards through ongoing training. Our clients well-being and privacy have always been our priority and our highest consideration. Working with us you can be assured of the highest levels of service and care.

OUR Approach

We are specialized in a brief, non-invasive, solution-focused approach. That means that we will focus on problem-solving and your future, rather than counselling, analysis or exploration. The therapy will always have a well defined goal: together we will establish what you want and we will use hypnosis and other techniques to help you get there.