Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

  • For many people, the difficult part of quitting smoking is not about giving up nicotine; it is dealing with the habit – the automatic thoughts and feelings that remind you to smoke. Our approach is an effective method for changing the habit. When you are free of the mental reminders, and the physical need has gone, you will find it easy to be a non smoker.
    Trying to quit smoking by cutting back, or gradual withdrawal, keeps you in the mindset of the smoker and doesn’t address the habit itself. This prolongs the problem. It is much easier, quicker, and more effective to instead change the beliefs that support the smoking habit, then use hypnotic techniques to change the habit itself. Often people need just a single session. You can quit today and expect it to be easy and painless.
    When people try to quit using the willpower method alone, they often experience a sense of lack, a feeling that they need something, or a craving for cigarettes, that they interpret as pain. This approach deals with the habit at it’s source, you will simply no longer have a desire to smoke cigarettes and you won’t need any kind of replacement.

    Our job is to ensure that when you leave the session, you leave a non-smoker not an ex-smoker.

  • You will find our unique approach to be clear, coherent and easy to follow. Our preparatory lecture will give you a fresh perspective about how to quit smoking by adopting the right mindset and changing the beliefs that support the habit. This is followed by a hypnosis session that will change the habit and strengthen your resolve to stick to the decision you have made.
    The Hypnotherapy Center implements the most advanced hypnosis techniques and hypnotherapy treatments enabling you to stop smoking comfortably and enjoyably. If you are determined, focused and motivated in becoming a non-smoker, then you can achieve powerful, life-changing results. Our aim is not to provide temporary relief by suppressing your cravings. Instead, together we explore the true elements behind your smoking habit to ensure a full, and long-lasting solution.

    The session and aftercare guarantees for
    until 28/02/2018
    usually £250.00

    What do you have to loose but the habit?

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