Hypnotherapy Myths Unveiled

Hypnotherapy Myths Unveiled

“Most people walk through life in a trance of dis-empowerment. Our job is to transform it into a trance of empowerment.”

(Dr. Milton H. Erickson)

The Hypnotherapy center has, as a priority, to be sincere to the clients and to give the possibility to understand the techniques we use and why they are so effective.

Often happens that our clients have preconceived ideas about hypnotherapy that comes mostly from movies, shows, and rumours. In this article we will try to unveil some of the most common misconceptions:


1) I’ve never been in hypnosis before

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of the human mind to be in. Absolutely everybody has been hypnotised literally thousands of times in their life without necessarily knowing it. You pass through the hypnotic state whenever you go to sleep and when you awake again. Everybody’s mind enters in this state even during the daytime when we put the “autopilot” on for an activity that doesn’t need our full awareness until it progresses in a normal and “predictable” way.


2) Hypnotherapy can be dangerous

Hypnotherapy is, first of all, a therapy and includes various therapeutic techniques, including hypnosis. In a therapeutic path, hypnotherapy is to consider safe and beneficial to anyone in a normal state of mind. It’s not recommended to anyone who suffers from psychosis or personality disorders or under the effect of drugs.


3) The hypnotherapist will take control of my mind

Hypnotherapy is, first of all, a therapy. At no point of the session, you’ll lose the control of your mind. The subconscious mind will reject any suggestion that goes against your will or set of values. The Hypnotherapy Center guarantees to every client’s well-being and awareness of what is happening in every moment of the session


4) I can get stuck in trance

Hypnosis, because is a natural and normal state that we all enter into on a daily basis, it is not a state which is alien to our mind. The worst that could possibly happen is that you drift into natural sleep and wake up soon afterward.


5) Hypnosis is like sleep

Hypnosis is a heightened state of focus and awareness. Even if sometimes, for therapeutic reasons, can be asked to close the eyes and enter a deep state of relaxation, that can be confused with sleep, a hypnotised person is never really asleep.


6) Only some people can get hypnotised

It’s very important to make a difference between hypnotherapy and stage/street hypnosis. In hypnotherapy, in a therapeutic context, anyone is hypnotisable and anyone can benefit from hypnosis. For stage/street hypnotist only some people react to the hypnosis/mind confusion/magic tricks in a way that is “usable” to create effects. Don’t worry if a stage/street hypnotist said that you’re not hypnotisable, you can still benefit great results in hypnotherapy.


7) Only weak-minded people can get hypnotised

This is a real misconceived concept took mostly from Hollywood productions. Hypnosis is a state of heightened focus and awareness and so scientific researchers prove that people with a good ability to focus and a developed creative mind responds better to Hypnosis. Anyway anyone can be hypnotised in a qualified therapy path.


8) Hypnotherapy can make people do silly things

Hypnosis, in any context, is a co-operative act between hypnotist and hypnotee and it’s almost impossible to make people do things against their will or set of values.

The Hypnotherapy Center uses only qualified, tested and appropriate techniques in order to preserve always the dignity and the well being of our clients.


9) In hypnosis, I’ll reveal my deepest secrets

Another Hollywood myth. In hypnosis, people can lie exactly as normal. Anyway, if it’s necessary for the therapeutic outcome, sometimes the therapist will ask personal questions. The Hypnotherapy Center has, as a priority, the respect of the privacy and dignity of the clients and treats any personal information as confidential and under professional secrecy. Read about us


10) Hypnosis is a “miracle cure” and cures in only one session long term addictions

This myth is not completely false.

Hypnosis is not a miracle cure and without a correct therapeutic support is almost useless but within the correct context can really give great results in a brief therapy.

At the Hypnotherapy Center, we use the most effective techniques and we expect to give  great results after 2-3 sessions. In particular for QUIT SMOKING we except a total freedom after the very first session and for the BODY CATALYST (our body shaping program) we have exceptional results after the very first week.

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